Hello there!

Welcome to my website! This is my personal page where I just put whatever I feel like putting on here. Make yourself at home!
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  • Monday February 28th, 2022: Tweaked the sidebar and added new buttons. Updated info in the about section. Added a new shrine.
  • Wednesday February 9th, 2022: Added the TV page. Started work on the shrines page.
  • Tuesday February 8th, 2022: Updated the links page. Added a few new quips. Added "Favorite Games" page to the about section.
  • Friday February 4th, 2022: Added "Favorite Music" section to the about section. Added "quips" to the header & fancy new buttons(Thanks Audrey!).
  • Wednesday February 2nd, 2022: Added the blog section of the site! Updated the links page.
  • Friday January 14th, 2022: Added some stuff to the "About" section. Created a container for the updates log. Changed custom font family.
  • Monday January 10th, 2022: Site is now LIVE! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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